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  • peopleplus
  • talent-rise
  • are providers of the JVEN program through victoria

The Agency is a service dedicated to assisting people between 15 and 26 years old who are interested in gaining employment in the areas of Information Technology and Innovation. People Plus and Talent Rise have come together to offer this unique service assisting young people into suitable and sustainable employment.

In 2016, the Victorian State Government established the JVEN “Jobs Victoria Employment Network” enterprise to assist people into employment, The Agency was successful in becoming part of this initiative and will focus on employment opportunities in the Information Technology and Innovation Sectors.

Talent RISE is the foundation of Talent – a global IT&T recruitment and technology services specialist. Through Talent RISE we are uniting the spirit of 15 million global IT&T professionals to collectively roll up their sleeves and facilitate real world solutions to the youth unemployment crisis.

Partnering with leading not-for-profit organisations, Talent RISE is set to reignite the passion of the technology sector to show young people what’s possible by inspiring, empowering and positively impacting them through education, mentoring and job placement opportunities.

Visit our website at www.talentrise.org

We are a leading employment support and training services company helping people to transform their lives and businesses through work and training.

We help people move into work by enabling them to gain the skills they need to make them employable, providing them with real work experience or helping them onto a traineeship or apprenticeship. We also help people to become self-employed and start up their own businesses.

Our work touches not just the individuals who access our services, but also the employers we work with. We offer personalized recruitment and training solutions to both national and local employers helping them find the right candidates with the right skills – and we manage the whole process from vacancy profiling to candidate sourcing, checks and selection.

Visit our website at www.peopleplusaustralia.com.au



The agency provides the following support services:
  • Face to face meetings in our youth friendly setting where you have access to free Wi Fi, computers, telephones
  • Group work that assists you with the skills required to be successful
  • Training to become ‘job ready’ for the technology and innovation sectors
  • We use flexible methods to communicate with you including outreach and online chat
  • Our team can connect you with other support services if you are struggling with personal issues
  • Experienced and caring youth workers who have have pathways to jobs and can support you while at work

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